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Marfret Compagnie Maritime

Container service to/from South & Central America, Caribbean
24.03.19 / 21:46
Marfret Compagnie Maritime
Marfret Compagnie Maritime

The Group MARSEILLE FRET-MARFRET is now a recognised player in the liner shipping as it has managed to bring together all the factors of success: fairness and competitiveness. Indeed, MARFRET has managed to both improve the frequency of its services and generate economies of scale.


Our Group is positioned as a real alternative.


In the context of globalisation of trade, the strategic choice of the group MARSEILLE FRET-MARFRET is the development of its activities in full independence.


Since 2005, our Group manages a successful diversification into logistics river and land by creating Fluviofeeder® and investing in stevedoring and storage.

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