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About us

The company has largely developed its activities as liner agent, presently representing various shipping lines, operating vessels of various categories: roll-on roll-off, containers, reefer and general cargo
About us
About us

Israel Scandinavian Maritime Agency (AKA “Israscan”) Established as a private  company in 1949, shortly after the foundation of the State of Israel, initially as  Liner Agency for Swedish Orient Line, wherefrom the name of the agency of  “Israel Scandinavian Maritime Agency”. The agency still acts as agents for SOL.


Originally the company covered the transportation from Sweden, Norway,  Denmark, Finland to Israel of forestry products: timber, newsprint, pulp and  refrigerated products: cheese, buffer, fish and vice-versa citrus and agricultural products.


Since then, the company has largely developed its activities as liner agent, presently representing various shipping lines.


Today, The company is managed by the second and third generations, has a long  and faithful record of dedicated service to its numerous loyal customers with a  local staff of 30 fully professionally experienced employees.


The agency is fully owned by Mr. David Castel, the Managing director of the  agency.